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Any genetically possible colour and pattern and any combination of genetically possible colour and pattern are allowed.

Please click on the underlined Colours to see what kind of kittens I have breed

Solid Colours


Black/Black Smoke

Black (smoke) Tortie


Blue Tortie

Brown or Chocolate




Brown Tabby

Red Tabby

Brown Tabby

Blue Tabby

Blue Tabby Tortoiseshell

Mink Tabby

click her to see: Tabby Patterns

other Tabby Colours include:

Cream Tabby, Lilac Tabby or Silver Tabby

Bi Colours

Red Tabby & White Bi Colour

*Also See Mink Bi Colours & Pointed Bi Colours


Mink Bi Colours



Chocolate Mink

Chocolate Mink

Blue Mink


Tortie Mink

Mink Tabby

Lilac Mink



Seal Silver Tabby Point

Seal Point

Chocolate Point

Blue Point

Lilac Tabby Point

Cream Point

Tortoiseshell Points

Lynx Point

Pointed Bi Colours

other Pointed Bi Colours include:

Red/Cream Tabby Bi Colour or Tabby Pointed Bi Colours


"I would like to Thank all the People that sent in their photos"


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