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Mum's that love there babies!

Brooch and her babyKlara and AnnieKlara and IgorKatie and her baby

New Born Baby Pictures

Red and WhiteBlue & WhiteBlue & WhiteBlue Tabby & White

Babies about a week old

Blue PointBlue & WhiteCream & WhiteBlue & White

2 weeks old

Black SmokeBlue TortieBlueChocolate Mink

3 weeks old

Blue Tortie & WhiteRed TabbyBlue Tabby TortieSeal Point

4 weeks old

Brown TabbyLilac Tabby PointRed & White

5 weeks old

Blue TortieBlue TabbyBlue Tabby & WhiteBlack & White

6 weeks old

Blue ToriteBlue & WhiteMy son and a Black Smoke kittenBlack & White

7 weeks old

BlueSeal Tortie PointBlue & WhiteTabby

8 weeks old

Black SmokeCream PointCream PointSeal Point

9 weeks old

Red TabbyCream TabbyBlack & WhiteSeal Tortie Point

10 weeks old

Blue Tabby & WhiteBlue TabbyBlueBlack & White

Kittens and cats with my kids


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